Imagine the Possibilities, Free Tools for Educators, by Educators!

Imagine a place where educators can go and explore high quality resources that are created by educators, for educators, and most importantly are free! Resources explored in this session will include professional learning that builds necessary skills and knowledge to effectively teach in a digital environment, lessons and units focused on project based learning, online thinking and assessment tools for teachers and students, mobile learning resources and STEM resources. Come join us and build a toolkit personalized for you.

Deborah Goodman, Lead Consultant, Digital Teaching and Learning - NCDPI
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In this session participants will explore free online tools and resources that can be used to help students build the skills necessary to succeed in college and career.

Session Goals:

  • Explore and access free online digital tools and resources
  • Identify strategies to help students develop 21st century skills

Essential Question:
  • How can digital age tools and resources be used most effectively to support and assess student learning?


Session Topic xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Time xxxxxxxxxx

Professional Learning Purpose


10 mins.

Get to know your colleagues
Online Tools

60 mins

Explore and engage...

15 mins.

Teachers Engage

40 mins.

Identify and explore opportunities to collaborate with a global community to provide support for students, teachers and administrators
Professional Development

40 mins.

Explore free professional development courses that provide a deep exploration of 21st century learning concepts.

15 mins.

Reflect on today's session
  • Did the session meet your expectations?
  • How will you use what you learned today?