Global Teacher CommunityStandards: Leadership, Collaboration, Reflective Practice
Goals: Participants will:
  • identify opportunities for collaborating with a global community to provide support for students, teachers and administrators.
  • explore ways to leverage opportunities to meet the requirements of the NCPTS.
  • identify possible artifacts to meet the requirements of the NCPTS.

Overview:Educators who possess higher order teaching skills and deep content knowledge are better able to mold young people to effectively collaborate, communicate and grow academically. Professional learning communities offers teachers the opportunity to enhance personal growth and collaborate and share resources in the process. Teachers across the state are collaborating in communities like and or similar to twitter, facebook, edmodo, schoology, Thinkfinity, Intel Engage and many others. The Engage community is a global online community of K-12 educators.

Intel Engage Community for Educators from eNetColorado on Vimeo.

Within the community, you will find a global community of teachers around the world (engaged) and smaller groups within the engaged community that teachers have created to collaborate with teachers of similar interest. This includes social studies groups, math, group quest, etc. You can join a group by viewing the video below.
Joining Groups:

Richard Dufour - What is a PLC
Learning Communities