Visual Ranking App
The Visual Ranking Thinking Tool can be used to help students organize ideas, debate differences, and reach consensus. Higher-level thinking are used as they order and prioritize items in a list, using analysis and evaluation skills.
You'll continue to use the Web-based teacher workspace: this app provides an alternative for your students to access the Visual Ranking projects via a mobile device.
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Showing Evidence Tool App
The Showing Evidence app links to a free online tool where teachers can set up a project in which students must state a claim, provide evidence to support their claim, and rate the quality of their evidence. The mobile app allows students to add their thoughts to the project and makes it possible for teachers to monitor their students' work on the go.

Let's Assess App
Let's Assess allows teachers and students to login into projects created on their Intel® Education Assessing Projects workspace. Students can review rubrics, complete scoring guides, and provide self and peer-assessments. Teachers can review student assessments and complete their own formative and student assessments all from the convenience of a mobile app interface. Let's Assess and the online tool were developed by Intel® Education and are research-based tools to help students make their thinking visible

Mobile Scenarios for K-12 App
Mobile devices are becoming more prevalent in K12 classrooms across the globe. This app displays stories about teachers integrating new technologies effectively in their classrooms, with a full range of grade levels and subject areas.
Download and enjoy your “virtual colleague” for ideas and examples:
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Computer Basics Apps
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